Saudi Culture Attestation and Saudi Embassy Attestation

Saudi Culture Attestation and Saudi Embassy Attestation, Detailed introduction of Saudi Cultural Attache Pakistan.

Saudi Arabian Cultural Attache Mission in Pakistan provides only degree attestation services. They are also dealing with visas of some categories which included student visas who are on scholarship and some Saudi Govt hired Medical Officers.

What is Saudi Cultural Attache Mission?

Saudi Culture Attaché confirmation is a conspicuous move toward validating your certification endorsements, so it tends to be utilized in Saudi Arabia as proof of your Academic capabilities.

With regards to attestation of degrees with the end goal of purpose in Saudi, the course that reports take is a piece unique in relation to different nations and countries. The Cultural division of The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia cross-checks the genuineness of the specific instructive record from the individual college itself.

What is Saudi Cultural Attache Mission offering?

They are offering degree attestation services, visa processing of scholarship holders, and some of Govt approved Medical Officers.

Degree attestation from Saudi Cultural Attache Mission Islamabad.

Saudi Culture in Pakistan attests to degrees that are issued from Pakistan. They are also dealing with other countries as well including KAZAKHSTAN-TAJIKISTAN-UZBEKISTAN-AFGHANISTAN etc. Saudi Culture attests only degrees that are attested by HEC – Higher Education Commission and MOFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan. If your degree is issued from any other countries needs an equivalency certificate from HEC and then this should be also attested by HEC and MOFA then they will accept.

Saudi Culture Attestation and Saudi Embassy Attestation

There is no Saudi Culture Attestation office is in Lahore and Karachi. Only Saudi Culture in Islamabad is attesting documents. Furthermore, there is no timeline for degree attestation from Saudi Culture in Pakistan because they wait for the university’s response.

Saudi Culture Attestation
Saudi Culture Attestation